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Shoaib Malik Sends Flirty Texts To Pakistani Actress Nawal Saeed

Shoaib Malik Sends Flirty Texts To Pakistani Actress Nawal Saeed

Recent revelations on a Pakistani chat show by actress Nawal Saeed have reignited public interest in former tennis star Sania Mirza’s ex-husband, Shoaib Malik. Saeed’s comments, made during an interview on ‘Life Green Hai’ alongside hosts Aijaz Aslam and Nadia Khan, hinted at interactions with various Pakistani cricketers, including married ones, prompting speculation about Malik’s involvement.

However, Saeed tactfully evaded direct references to Malik when pressed by the hosts. This renewed attention on Malik comes after his surprise announcement of marrying actress Sana Javed in January 2024, which stirred controversy and drew criticism from Mirza’s fans on social media. Mirza and Malik, who wed in 2010, have a son named Izhaan Mirza Malik born in 2018.

Nawal Saeed revealed that “Appreciate ki baat nahi hai. Mujhe sirf ye lagta hai ki cricketers should not be doing that. Actors se zyada log cricketers/sportsman ko idolise karte hai. So if people consider you to be so big… (you should not be doing that),”

When asked about the details further Nawal added: “I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

This sparked speculation online about whether Shoaib had indeed sent her suggestive direct messages.

On another note, Shoaib recently marked his new wife Sana Javed’s 31st birthday. Javed shared a series of affectionate photos with him on her Instagram, captioning the post with gratitude for her husband’s birthday wishes.

Despite their past, Mirza’s team clarified earlier this year that the couple had been separated for some time, urging the public to refrain from speculation. The ongoing saga continues to capture public attention, fueled by Saeed’s suggestive remarks and the enduring interest in the personal lives of public figures.

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