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Side Effects of Excessive Fitness


The negative effects of over exercising or “exercise addiction” can be physical and emotional. While some suffer from lack of exercise, some do end up exercising too much. You need to allow your body to fully recover in between sessions in order for the exercise to remain productive.

If you”re doing high intensity workout or exercises, it”s NOT recommended more than three times a week. For those who are really committed and disciplined, it is very important not to over train, recovery is as important as training but if you work out too much you will not achieve the results you”re working for. When you work your fast-twitch fibers, it takes about 48 hours for that fiber to heal and fully recover.

Over exercising can make the body enter a catabolic state, in which the tissues break down. Excess stress hormone can be released, which also adds to chronic disease. You can develop increased risk for injuries. The immune system may be weakened and you may develop insomnia because when you exercise too much, your adrenaline is constantly pumping and your mind is racing fast, making it difficult to fall asleep, especially if your workout is in the afternoon or evening.

Although stressing a muscle usually makes it stronger but extremely high stress can have the opposite effect. Technically long-distance running leads to high levels of oxidative stress, inflammation and damage to your heart tissues, producing acute physiological responses that can trigger a cardiac event.

A person can become unaware of dehydration, can seriously be affected by ailments such as heat or cold and suffer heat stroke or frostbite. If you are a woman, you may develop the condition called “amenorrhea”, which is the cessation of your monthly periods. If you experience this for a long time, you may lose your bone density as well. You may develop mental complications when you exercise too much. You can become more irritable, moody, depressed, or experience bouts of low self-esteem.

On an average half hour of exercise daily is more than enough to give you to keep you in good health and prevent sickness and disease, such as high cholesterol, development of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. To conclude, don’t overwork your body. Set realistic goals and expectations, with your exercise routine.

Don’t make exercise the only means of slimming down; rather, make it the means of giving you good health and fitness. Exercise for about three to four times per week, for a period of 30 minute per session. Start out slow and then raise the intense tempo. This helps to build your body up and also allows you to avoid injuries. If you start to feel tired, become weak or experience fatigue “Listen” to your body, stop.

More importantly it is recommended to hire a fitness trainer who knows exactly how to push your limits and monitor your progress as well. When all these measures are taken care of, you will not suffer any negative effects associated with your exercise routine and your body will feel good.

– by Cresinda D Costa

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