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Skylightz Gaming To Invest $150,000 US Dollars In Indian Esports Talents By 2022

Skylightz Gaming To Invest $150,000 US Dollars In Indian Esports Talents By 2022

After the release of PUBG Mobile in India, the Indian esports ecosystem witnessed major growth. PUBG Mobile’s Million dollar prize pool tournaments played a vital role in this process. With over 20 Million + daily active users, PUBG Mobile was the undisputed king of mobile esports in India.PUBG Mobile revolutionized the Mobile esports ecosystem, just like CS: GO and Dota 2 in PC gaming.

After observing the massive potential of esports in India, many International esports organisations started to invest in India. A few of them are Fnatic, Team Solo Mid, Galaxy Racer esports, Nova esports, Skylightz gaming and etc. According to reports, Team Liquid and Cloud 9 are trying to enter the Indian Esports scene by the end of 2021.

Earlier this week, the Singapore-based esports organisation, Skylightz gaming announced their desire to develop the Indian esports ecosystem by investing $150,000 US Dollars in Indian esports talent by the year 2022.

The $150,000 US Dollar capital investment will be used for establishing a boot camp for the esports players, equipping them with top-of-the-notch peripherals, hiring esports talents, and much more.

“We at Skylightz Gaming, believe that India, in the realm of gaming and esports, is a goldmine of talent and potential within the country — just waiting to be discovered. We are certain that Indian gaming talents will soon take the gaming industry to its next level,” Said Andy Ng, CEO of Skylightz Gaming, in a press release.

“By virtue of accessibility, in terms of smartphones (gaming based), affordable internet, and most importantly a large number of young gamers, India has the strength to become a global gaming model in the coming times,” Ng added.

Recently, Skylightz gaming announced their new Battlegrounds Mobile India roster which consists of players from the Ex – Futurestation esports lineup.

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