Playing a team sport is a difficult task. Not everyone is comfortable having a superior and more dominant personality in the team. However, things are different with India skipper Virat Kohli. He loves having MS Dhoni in his team and enjoys his company. Kohli remains unthreatened by his persona, which, according to Michael Hussey, is commendable.

There have been many instances where captains have dropped senior cricketers to gain full control over the side. But Kohli has produced a different example. He loves having Dhoni in his company to guide him through different situations in a game.

Hussey impressed with Kohli and Dhoni relationship

Virat Kohli’s hunger for success in every sphere of the game is nothing new. Thus, MS Dhoni is the best person to guide Kohli to become more effective as a leader. Mike Hussey seemed mighty impressed with the relationship both Kohli and Dhoni share.

“I think you got to give a lot of kudos to Virat Kohli, having someone like MS Dhoni still in the team who’s been, arguably, India’s most successful captain. Sometimes some people would find that threatening to still have that person in the team,” Hussey said in an episode of chat show Sony Ten’s Pit Stop.

MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli

“But I think that’s where you need to tip your hat to Virat and so you know he’s obviously got the personality to say ‘no, no I would like this guy around. I can learn from this guy, and he’s going to help me get down the better skipper and obviously have a better team’,” Hussey added.

Meanwhile, MS Dhoni stepped down from limited-overs captaincy in 2017. Since then, he has been a vital cog in the wheel and stood behind Virat Kohli like a rock. However, the veteran cricketer has not played any cricket since the last year and his return to international cricket is doubtful. But Dhoni is likely to play a couple of more seasons in the IPL.