Home Cricket News “Sourav Ganguly Needs To Answer”-Salman Butt On BCCI Vs Virat Kohli Saga

“Sourav Ganguly Needs To Answer”-Salman Butt On BCCI Vs Virat Kohli Saga

“Sourav Ganguly Needs To Answer”-Salman Butt On BCCI Vs Virat Kohli Saga

Former Pakistan skipper Salman Butt has said that Sourav Ganguly is answerable for his comments on Virat Kohli after the former Indian skipper’s comments turned out to be completely different from what Ganguly said earlier. Kohli has made massive revelations regarding giving his T20I and ODI captaincy ahead of the Test series against South Africa.

After Rohit Sharma was announced as the new ODI skipper of the Indian team, Sourav Ganguly said that the management wanted only one white-ball captain which is why he asked Kohli to not step down from the T20I captaincy but the Indian Test skipper denied such a request being made to him or any prior communication about the decision.

In an explosive press conference before the South Africa tour, Kohli said, “Whatever was said about the communication that happened about the decision that was made was inaccurate. I was contacted one-and-a-half hours before the selection meeting on December 8 for the Test series and there was no prior communication to me at all since I announced my decision on T20I captaincy.”

“The chief selector discussed the Test team to which we both agreed. Before ending the call, I was told that the five selectors have decided that I will not be the ODI captain to which I replied ‘okay fine’.”

Taking a queue from Kohli’s comments Salman Butt said that the BCCI President is answerable to the Indian fans and also to the media regarding the contradiction in the comments between him and Kohli.

Salman Butt Blasts Sourav Ganguly, Favours Virat Kohli

“Ganguly needs to answer this for the betterment of Indian cricket. He is the President of the BCCI and Kohli contradicting him in public is not a small thing. On one hand, Ganguly said he had requested Kohli not to step down from T20 captaincy. But Kohli has now come out and claimed that no one from BCCI ever spoke to him about it. These are two completely contrasting statements. This is unrest,” said Butt.

He added, “It is not a question of captaincy. Debate is not about Rohit taking over. He is a good captain and has proved himself at the international and IPL level. The procedure to pass on the responsibility from one great to another was not smooth. Unnecessary controversy has been created and there will be trust deficit between Kohli and Ganguly going ahead.”

Meanwhile, the Virat Kohli-led Indian team reached South Africa earlier today. They will be playing three Tests and three ODIs against the Proteas with the first Test starting from December 26. Rohit Sharma has been ruled out of the Test series and will go to South Africa for the ODI series.

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