Former India skipper Sunil Gavaskar attracted a lot of criticisms for his distasteful comments on Virat Kohli involving his wife Anushka Sharma. His comments came during Royal Challengers Bangalore’s game against Kings XI Punjab. Gavaskar finally cleared the air stating that his comments on Anushka were blown out of proportion.

Meanwhile, Kohli had a rare off day in the business. He missed out two dollies on the field which cost Bangalore their game. Later with the bat, Virat Kohli managed to just score one run from five deliveries as the Royal Challengers lost by 97 runs.

Gavaskar’s comments stir controversy

Seeking an opportunity, Sunil Gavaskar made a very inappropriate comment from the commentary box. It fumed the fans and targetted the veteran and campaigned for his removal from the commentary panel.

“Ab jo lockdown tha toh unhone sirf Anushka ke saath bowling ki practice ki hai, usse toh kuch bhi nahi banna,” Gavaskar was heard on air during the game.

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Anushka Sharma has also responded to the same asking everyone to keep herself out of her husband’s profit. In a long Instagram post, the fine actor while showing respect to the Sunil Gavaskar said that it not necessary.

Sunil Gavaskar clears air on comments over Anushka

However, Sunil Gavaskar has rubbished all claims saying he never made any sexist comments and his intentions were completely different. Gavaskar also said that he has been an advocate of wives and girlfriends travelling with cricketers so this kind of comments are unlikely from him.

“As you hear from the commentary, Aakash and I were doing commentary for the Hindi channel. And Aakash was talking about the fact that there has been very little chance for proper practice for everybody. That has actually shown in the rustiness of some of the players in their first matches.

Rohit didn’t strike the ball well in his first match, MSD didn’t strike the ball well, Virat also didn’t strike the ball. Most of the batsmen have because of the lack of practice,” Gavaskar said to India Today.

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“That was the point that was being made. Virat also had no practice and the only practice that they had when they have seen them playing in their building compound and Anushka was bowling to him. That’s what I said. That’s the only bowling, I have not used any other word. She was bowling to him, that’s all.

Where am I blaming her? Where am I being sexist in this? I am just stating what was seen in the videowhich was maybe recorded by somebody in the neighbouring buildings and then put up. That’s the only thing I am doing,” Gavaskar further said.

Meanwhile, with both parties resting their case, it’s high time we move on and look forward to the beautiful game and enjoy the moment.