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Sunil Gavaskar Confident Of Virat Kohli Bounce Back In T20 World Cup 2024

Sunil Gavaskar Confident Of Virat Kohli Bounce Back In T20 World Cup 2024

Sunil Gavaskar, the legendary Indian cricketer, has expressed strong support for Virat Kohli, urging fans not to worry about his current form in the T20 World Cup 2024. Despite a slow start, with Kohli managing only five runs from three innings and facing criticism after a golden duck against the USA, Gavaskar remains confident in the veteran batter’s abilities.

Gavaskar emphasized that it’s premature to be concerned about Kohli’s performance given that the tournament is still in its early stages. He argued that one good delivery, such as the one from Saurabh Netravalkar that dismissed Kohli, doesn’t signify a lack of form.

Speaking to Star Sports, Gavaskar stated, “These are early days in the tournament, there’s still a lot of the tournament to go. Suddenly everything can’t go wrong just because the man has got three low scores. It doesn’t mean that he is not batting well. Sometimes you get a good delivery. Nothing to worry about.”

Gavaskar Emphasizes Faith in Kohli Amid Recent Low Scores

Highlighting Kohli’s skill, Gavaskar pointed out Kohli’s impressive cover drive off Naseem Shah before his dismissal against Pakistan, indicating that the batter was timing the ball well. Additionally, Virat Kohli’s recent performance in the IPL 2024, where he scored 741 runs and won the Orange Cap, further demonstrates his outstanding form.

Gavaskar also stressed the importance of maintaining faith in Virat Kohli, who has a history of performing exceptionally well for India. He noted that Kohli’s self-belief is unwavering and that the batter likely isn’t overly concerned about his recent low scores. Gavaskar encouraged fans to support Kohli, believing that a significant performance is imminent.

“When you’re playing for any team, when you’re playing for your country, there’s no greater motivation. He has done so well for India over the years. He has performed well in so many matches. Basically, we have to show faith in him. He has enough faith in himself. We must believe that he will come good sooner than later,” Gavaskar added.

Gavaskar and Fans Anticipate Kohli’s Impact in Final Group Match Against Canada

India’s upcoming match against Canada in Florida on Saturday (June 15) will be their final Group A fixture. With India already securing a spot in the Super 8 phase, Gavaskar and fans alike hope to see Virat Kohli make a substantial contribution in this game. A good performance from Kohli would not only boost his confidence but also reassure fans of his enduring prowess on the field.

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