Sunil Gavaskar Names India’s All-Time No.1 Cricketer

Sunil Gavaskar. (Photo Credit: BCCI)

Indian cricket has been blessed to witness some of the legends of the game to don the India jersey. From time to time, the country has produced unimaginable talents who have made the entire nation proud. Recently, former India skipper Sunil Gavaskar named India’s all-time No.1 cricketer.

From Gavaskar to Ravi Shastri to Sachin Tendulkar to MS Dhoni to modern-day Virat Kohli, the fans have showered unparallel praise for them. However, the legendary batsman picked former all-rounder Kapil Dev as India’s all-time No.1 cricketer.

Gavaskar names India’s No.1 cricketer

Showering praise on India’s first World Cup-winning skipper, Gavaskar recalled how Kapil got India out of dire situations with the bat and the ball. He also stressed how good a fielder Kapil Dev was during his playing days.

“Top of everything would be Kapil Dev, he would be No.1. For me, he is the best. All-time No.1 will always be Kapil Dev,” Gavaskar told India Today.

“He could win the match with the bat and with the ball and would take the wickets and win the match for you. He would score a scorching hundred or quickfire 80-90 and turn the game around. Kapil made an impact with the bat. He made an impact with the ball. Don’t forget all those catches that he took. So he was a complete cricketer,” Gavaskar added.

1983 World Cup Gavaskar names India's No.1 cricketer

Kapil Dev with the World Cup

Adding further, Sunil Gavaskar compared MS Dhoni with Kapil Dev and stated that both of them were very similar in their approach. He also said that both remained calm during pressure situations which made them a successful leader.

“Both (Dhoni and Kapil) were very, very similar. Both had similar approaches to the game. They loved playing the game. Both of them loved being in the center of action and they wanted to achieve great things for their teams. In that way, both are very similar,” Gavaskar said.