Cricket can sometimes be a cruel game. An injury or a single bad patch can end the career of any player, irrespective of how talented they might be. Despite starting off brightly, many talented cricketers had to end with short international careers due to various factors.

Meanwhile, injuries on the field as well as off it are a part and parcel of every sport. Sportsmen are usually well-equipped to deal with them. Protective gear such as helmets, arm guards, abdomen guards are mandatory for every cricketer before he takes guard. At times, they run out of luck despite being fully protected. Careers of many cricketers were cut short due to injuries on the field while some had to bid farewell to their favourite sport due to health problems.

Here are some of the talented cricketers with short international careers due to various reasons:

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1. Vijay Bharadwaj

Vijay Bharadwaj

The talented batsman from Karnataka, Vijay Bhardwaj was considered to be one of those rare talents. After consistent scores in domestic cricket, Vijay was finally drafted into the Indian squad in 1999-2000. He scored a century on debut and continued his form throughout the series. He even won a man of the match award in his debut series.

However, we never saw Bharadwaj again in the national circuit. Some believe it was due to his differences with the board and some say it was due to a stretch of injuries. He finally announced his retirement in 2004 with three Tests and ten ODIs to his name.

Following his retirement, Bharadwaj was a part of the Karnataka first-class team as a coach and also was the assistant coach for RCB for three years. He has also served Oman cricket as a fielding coach.

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