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This act of Rahul Dravid will make you respect him even more


Cricket is a gentleman’s game. However, there are bad guys in this game. Not Rahul Dravid though! Throughout his career, he was always recognized as the true ‘Gentleman’ of the game. Simplicity, modesty, and down to earth attitude are something that has always stood about him. But what he did a few days ago, will make you respect him even more!

A pic is going viral on social media where Dravid is standing in a queue. A Twitter account named ‘South Canara’ with the Twitter handle ‘@in_southcanara’ posted it on Twitter. Dravid was standing in queue with his kids in a science exhibition. The photo was shared by a fan who was present there.

“That”s Rahul Dravid in a queue with his kids at a science exhibition. No show off; no page 3 attitude; no celebrity airs; no “do you know who I am?” looks; Queueing just like any other normal parent… really admirable..” he tweeted.


Many fans shared their retweeted sharing their instances of seeing the great man. Some said they have seen him at small restaurants. One fan wrote he was at the airport once when security asked him to come through VIP queue. Dravid declined and came through normal queue.

Such is the simplicity of Rahul Dravid. He is arguably one of the greatest batsmen the game has ever seen. But above all, he is a very good human being. Never in his cricketing career, he has been involved in sledding, heated verbal duels or any kind of brawl.


Dravid has played 164 tests, 344 ODIS and 1 T20I scoring 13288 runs, 10889 runs and 31 runs respectively. He retired from international cricket in 2012 after playing for 16 years. He now serves as coach of India under-19 team and India ‘A’ team.

– by Atharva Apte

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