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This Indian Cricketer”s grandfather drives an auto to make a living


India’s bowling superstar Jasprit Bumrah made his T20 debut in 2016 against Australia. He also made his ODI debut against Australia in 2016. Since then he has become the backbone of the Indian bowling line in limited overs.

Jasprit Bumrah is currently the second-ranked bowler in T20 format and has been impressed with his tight line, not allowing the opposition batsmen to score runs with ease.

But his grandfather Santokh Singh Bumrah who lives in Uddham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand which is 260 kms. He originates from Ahmedabad has been living in the locality for past 10 years has been driving an auto for his survival. He moved from Ahmedabad to Uddham Singh Nagar locality, the 84-year-old Santokh Singh Bumrah lives in a rented house and also drives an auto. Again after 17 years, he wants to hug his grandson.

Jasbir Singh now watches his grandson on television bowling in international cricket (Image Courtesy: ABP)

According to media reports, Bumrah grandfather had 3 factories and run his own business. Santokh Singh business was going nicely with Jasveer Singh Bumrah, the father of Jasprit Bumrah. In the year 2001, Jasveer Singh Bumrah died that shook Santokh and lost all his business. Santokh Singh Bumrah had loans with him and with that, he sold all his factories.

He came to Uddham Singh Nagar in 2006 and bought four tempos. He sold his three factories and began the new business of riding tempos. Out of four tempos, he had to sell three tempos because of losses in this business too. He now rides the one tempo for a living.

“It feels great to see Jasprit on television screen performing so well in international matches. I pray to God for his success and meet him once before I die,” Santokh Singh Bumrah (84) told HT over the phone.

“After Jasbir’s death in 2001, the fate turned and I started running into losses. Sold out factories and shifted to Kiccha with my brothers” Santokh adds. In Kiccha, Bumrah’s grandfather purchased an auto to make two ends meet. Now the senior Bumrah lives in utter penury with his other son.

Jasprit Bumrah started his cricketing life from Gujarat but he had great seasons for Mumbai Indians at the IPL. Bumrah has been the star with the new ball and also at the end, he stopped the batsmen from scoring runs with great accurate Yorkers.

The young cricketer’s uncle Jaswinder Singh says the family intends to reunite and for this “either Jasprit meet us or else we are looking forward to meeting him”.

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