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This Twitter handle predicted the IPL final even before it took place


This Twitter handle predicted the IPL final even before it took place:- There are TV channels who hire what are regarded by many as ‘Cricket Experts’ or ‘Cricket Pundits’ etc. These so called experts despite of spending years in international or First Class Cricket are not always spot on with their predictions.

On Sunday just before the final there was a Twitter user who made some predictions about the outcome of final and to everyone’s shock and awe he got them absolutely spot on!

A Twitter user with the handle ‘@TheDcricket’ made some predictions and got many of them absolutely spot on! He predicted that no matter who wins the toss, Mumbai has to bat first!


That means if Pune win they’ll bowl and if MI win they’ll bat. He got this one partially right as MI indeed batted but Steve Smith said at the toss that he would’ve batted first.


He predicted that we are not going to get a run feast as Mumbai will score 120-130 batting first and will win. Indeed that happened as MI could manage 129 batting first. His next prediction was there won’t be any no balls and Pollard will hit only one six.


There weren’t any NBs and Pollard smashed the first ball he faced for six then took a single second ball and on third ball he was caught at long on scoring 7 off 3.


He predicted Rahul Tripathi and Parthiv Patel’s scores saying both of them will be out under 10. Indeed!! Parthiv managed 4 while R Tripathi got out lbw to Bumrah for 3.


He backed Steve Smith to be the top scorer for RPS and Smith did just that scoring 51 off 50. At the end he backed MI to clinch the title in the last over. When 11 were needed off last over, Johnson conceded only 9 to win it for MI.


All these predictions were tweeted in the early hours of Sunday 21 May, the day of the final between 3:38 AM to 4:17 AM. It is more of a spectacular mystery than the Bermuda triangle who the user is and how he managed to get all of them right!!


– by Atharva Apte

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