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Top 5 Batsmen With Most Fours In ODI Cricket

Top 5 Batsmen With Most Fours In ODI Cricket
Sachin Tendulkar

Everyone loves when a batsman hits those glorious boundaries from the middle of the bat. It is one of the great joys of cricket seeing a batsman hit a four. Cricket has changed once ODI matches started to roll out. The crowds got to see the rise of batsmen hitting more fours because of one-day internationals. Batsmen took more risks in an attempt to hit the deliveries to the fence for four. The powerplays also unfolded subsequently and the batting maestros became more aggressive due to the fielding restrictions.

This meant the spectators got their well-earned money’s worth as they were entertained during the match. Who doesn’t likes to see the bowlers being hit for fours and sixes everywhere? But have you ever wondered who are those destructive batsmen that have hit the most fours? 

Here are the top 5 Batsmen with most fours in ODIs:

5. Adam Gilchrist

Adam Gilchrist

First up on this list is the swashbuckling opening batsman of Australia, Adam Gilchrist. The southpaw completely changed the perception of everyone regarding wicket-keeper batsmen. He always believed in taking on the bowlers on from ball one. Gilchrist never feared any bowler and his game was all about hitting boundaries. In the first 15 overs, he made sure that he got the team so far ahead in the match that the opposition never came back.

Gilchrist overall played 287 ODI matches in his legendary career. He scored 9,619 runs and helped Aussies win three consecutive world cups. In his ODI career, he struck 1162 fours which are the fifth most in ODI history. Those who saw him bat will know that when he batted he entertained everyone because of his ability to hit fours at will.

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