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Transformation of Virat Kohli


From a young and furious cricketer to a matured & reconstructed professional player. Virat Kohli”s transformation has been remarkable in every sense. Over the past few years he has taken batsmanship to a level beyond imagination and is getting even better with every single match. He has almost become the inevitable pillar of Indian cricket.

However, a major part of his success is a result of the “military discipline” he follows when it comes to diet and fitness. Kohli has lost almost 11 kg in the last eight months. Keeping track of his diet with utmost discipline, Out gone has all the junk food. In came a hundred squats a day and a workout regimen that enables him to swift through between the wickets.

He aims to be the fittest athlete on this planet and is surely leaving no stone unturned to make it possible. Through this transformation, his bat has equally set the stage of world cricket on fire. Gone are those days when milestones on the cricket field were brought up with discordant words disgorged out. Answers to the booing crowd now comes up with the bat rather than the unconcealed gestures. Now the agression smoulders through his on field performance.

Virat Kohli was always a gifted player but over the years he has transformed into much responsible and moreover a matured professional player. There is a message within this journey for all of us “Keep calm, Work hard and let the success talk for you”.

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