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Twitterati burst into laughter as Ajmal gets badly trolled


Pakistan off spinner Saeed Ajmal made a laughing stock of himself by copy pasting Kumar Sangakkara”s tweet after Pakistan”s crushing 8 wicket win against England at The Cardiff in Champions Trophy semi-final on 14 June.

Kumar Sangakkara tweeted
“Great win by Pakistan To come back from the first game against india and now make a final by beating england shows great character.” after Pakistan victory. The tweet was copy pasted as it is by Saeed Ajmal. Not being as efficient as his bowling in English, Ajmal must”ve found this is the best option to congratulate Pakistan.

Saeed Ajmal copied the same tweet and posted it as if he originally wrote it!

The 39 year old has played 35 ttests 113 ODIS and 64 T20Is and has 447 wickets across all formats. In 2014 he went through a tough time as hisΒ  bowling action was declared illegal by ICC. He had to remodel his action and come back but since then he hasn”t been the same bowler. He made his last appearance for Pakistan in April 2015 and has been involved with English County Worcestershire since then.



– byΒ Atharva Apte

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