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USA Women’s T20 Franchise Tournament Set To Launch Soon

USA Women’s T20 Franchise Tournament Set To Launch Soon

Reports are indicating that a new women’s T20 franchise tournament might soon take place in the United States. Although the idea is still in its nascent stages, key figures in American cricket are eager to leverage a unique opportunity.

This opportunity arises from the upcoming 2028 Los Angeles Olympics and the recent success of the inaugural Major League Cricket (MLC) men’s T20 tournament.

With cricket poised to debut in the 2028 Olympics and the USA women’s national team likely qualifying as hosts, there is a growing recognition of the need to foster the women’s game domestically. The recent success of the Women’s Premier League (WPL) in India, where international stars have earned substantial salaries, underscores the commercial viability of women’s T20 cricket.

Though the proposed tournament is still in the discussion phase, it would aim to attract top global players and potentially run alongside the existing men’s franchises in the MLC. Owners of several MLC franchises, including the Ambani family who own MI New York, have shown interest in developing women’s teams. This initiative could significantly enhance the profile and earnings of women’s cricketers worldwide.

Should these plans come to fruition, they could impact the international schedules of England’s women cricketers and their participation in domestic tournaments such as The Hundred. The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has already increased domestic women’s players’ earnings, but these still lag behind the lucrative offers seen in the WPL.

Starting a Women’s T20 Cricket League in the USA: A Major Boost for the Sport

Establishing a women’s T20 franchise league in the USA would be a landmark event for cricket, providing a stage for the best talent globally to display their skills and potentially inspiring a new generation of American women cricketers.

Over recent years, USA Cricket has made significant strides in the sport. Notably, the upcoming ICC men’s T20 World Cup in 2024 will be the first ICC event hosted in America.

The development of a women’s T20 franchise league in the USA is seen as a timely and strategic move to enhance the sport’s domestic presence. It represents not only a significant boost for women’s cricket but also an important step in the broader growth and popularity of cricket in the United States.

The initiative aligns with the global trend of increasing investment in women’s sports, highlighting the growing recognition of women’s cricket as a commercially viable and exciting proposition.

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