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USA’s Aaron Jones Optimistic About Cricket’s Boundless Future In America

USA’s Aaron Jones Optimistic About Cricket’s Boundless Future In America

Aaron Jones, a prominent batter for the United States, expressed his optimistic views on the potential growth of cricket in America as the country prepares to host the T20 World Cup for the first time. Co-hosting with the West Indies, this 2024 edition marks the first time since 2010 that the tournament will be held in the West Indies, when England emerged as champions.

Despite the current lack of significant stadium viewership, except for matches involving major teams, Jones is confident that Americans will soon take a keen interest in cricket. Jones emphasized that the T20 World Cup is a vital step in promoting cricket in the USA, but he also stressed the need for more homegrown players on the national team. Currently, the team mainly comprises players from India and Pakistan, with only two local players, including Jones himself.

In an interview with Michael Vaughan, Jones discussed cricket’s potential for growth in the United States. Vaughan asked Jones about the future development of cricket in America and its growth limits. Jones responded enthusiastically, stating, “To be honest with you I don’t think you have a limit. To be honest we all know that USA is a very big country as it relates to sports.”

“I think that when the actual American born and raised people get on board fully with cricket is gonna be crazy. I honestly think it’s going to be crazy over the next couple of years.”

Jones believes that once local Americans start playing cricket, the sport will see significant growth in the country. He envisions a future where cricket becomes a major sport in the US, driven by the enthusiasm and participation of American-born players.

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Jones: MLC Expansion and Olympic Inclusion Key to Cricket’s Growth in the US

Jones also highlighted the role of Major League Cricket (MLC) and the Olympics in furthering cricket’s development in the United States. He stated that the T20 World Cup is an excellent starting point, but emphasized the importance of expanding the MLC, the USA’s franchise-level tournament, in the coming years.

“The World Cup being here is a really good start and then obviously the Major League should play definitely for years to come that’s gonna be good as well,” Jones said.

Furthermore, Jones pointed out that the inclusion of cricket in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics would significantly boost the sport’s popularity in America.

“In the next couple of years, most likely Cricket’s gonna be played in the 2028 Olympics as well. So that’s another big thing,” Jones concluded.

He believes that these developments will help raise awareness and interest in cricket among Americans, ultimately leading to the sport’s rapid expansion in the country.

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