VIDEO: 10 swiftest Stumpings from the lightning fast hands of MS Dhoni

If stumping is an art of wicket-keeping, then MS Dhoni is the Picasso of it. He has some unorthodox way of doing it behind the stumps. He has mastered every possible way of stumping or saving the ball from passing him with some classic yet freaky moves.

(Photo: AP)

Inarguably, MS Dhoni is lightning fast behind the stumps who whips the bails off within a blink of an eye. So far, he has affected 148 stumpings across all formats in international cricket, which is a world record.


Once Dhoni said in a post-match presentation when asked about his excellent night behind stumps: “Being a bit unorthodox, behind the stumps really helps but the credits go to the bowler for beating the batsman.”

(Pic Source: AP Photo/Aijaz Rahi)

Let’s have a look at some lightning fast stumpings by India skipper MS Dhoni and this will tell you why he is the most effective man to have behind the stumps. His stumpings are always a joy to watch.


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