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VIDEO: Get up close with Dhoni from the stump mic; His comments add to the excitement in the middle


Often a very underrated job the wicket-keeping if done right has the potential to make game-changing performances and inflict a match-winning blow to the opposition, one such big character behind the stump is our very own MS Dhoni.

MS has been such a picture of calm and yet, the emperor of cool in Indian Cricket in whatever he has touched to do. Dhoni the captain, Dhoni the batsmen are very well sung, but it”s often Dhoni the wicketkeeper that has been a delight to watch.

As safe as some of the best behind the stumps has ever been, Dhoni has made wicket keeping quite an enterprising skill to watch. One of the blockbuster sorts of the aspect of his keeping is the pep talk behind the stumps that he does, especially keeping to spinners.

Recently a video from the first ODI versus Southafrica in the going six games one-day series at Durban went viral of him giving his thoughts to the bowlers, fielders alike.

Often you can call these the pearls of wisdom that MS showers to his teammates, his voice has gone a notch higher in its volume since he has given up the captaincy and handed over the reigns to Virat Kohli.

The video though was a very fun viewing for all his fans and social media took to it like fish to water. The video went viral in a jiffy.

The video has him talking to Yuzvendra Chahal advising him about what the batsmen are likely to do, the same wisdom MS was seen giving to Kuldeep Yadav. Hardik Pandya as well as talking in it as well as the Indian Captain Virat Kohli.

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But it was, as always, MS who stood out. At times it feels the broadcasting companies can raise the stump mic volumes so that fans of MS from across the world can just simply enjoy his each and every word. It”s almost as if the people now have their extra commentator, the on-field one.

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