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VIDEO: Here”s What Virat Kohli told M Vijay in the middle while batting

Its been a tough tour for India to South Africa so far, after losing the game in Cape Town the visitors were criticised heavily for their team selections & catching and bowling and thereafter their batting for collapsing twice in what really was a three-day test match eventually.

The critiques got another go at the side when Ajinkya Rahane was not part of the eleven again and this time Bhuvneshwar Kumar was left out despite a good performance.

Virat Kohli the Indian captain, on the other hand, has been in denial to anything of sorts and has continued his usual self in this series. He has kept himself at slips despite the various experts claiming Kohli to not be a natural slip catcher.

On the 2nd day of the Centurion Test though, something happened that triggered everyone to hear closely and then go wide eyes open for the even, Kohli was heard saying, “Shaam Tak challenge to ink g*#@d phat jaayegi..” to his batting partner.

India was 80-2 at the time so far behind the Southafrican score of 335 but what happened afterward was always the inevitable the video clip of the event went viral across the social media networks and everyone took their jibes at it.

Various corners tweeted their insight about this event and had their say about Kohli being Kohli really at that moment.

Watch Here:-

It has been fantastic innings from Kohli so far though, he is batting on 85* with still behind the South African score of 335 by 152 runs but with 5 wickets left, India”s hopes lie with Kohli to give them a chance in the game.


But, this Kohli abusing moment was one that really made everyone jaw drop and eyes wide open. Kohli and his players have been seen sledding and abusing the opponent for a while playing cricket.

– by Kashish Chadha