VIDEO: Horrible fights between India and Pakistan in World Cups

VIDEO: Horrible fights between India and Pakistan in World Cups: India and Pakistan matches have always been high-voltage encounters irrespective of venue and format. The two neighbouring nations share the most intense and oldest rivalry in sports. Cricket is considered to be a religion in these two countries and all emotions and actions come into the match which make the clash more acute and thrilling.

The thrilling cricket matches between the two arch-rivals often spark fights. Arguably the most watched match between two teams and is estimated to attract up to four hundred million television viewers according to TV ratings. Because of the external disputes between the two countries, India and Pakistan share the fiercest rivalry in cricket and probably in any sport.

Though Pakistan used to dominate India in the 80s and 90s, they have never beaten India in a World Cup game. The equation stand at 10-0 (both 50-over World Cup and 20-over World Cup). Things have changed and it is now India who dominate Pakistan as they form a formidable outfit in the shorter formats. It has always been delight to watch “Pakistan’s bowling vs India’s batting” all these years. Here are some of the most horrible fights between the arch-rivals.

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