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VIDEO : Left handed MS Dhoni is a treat to watch


Besides being a legendary captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been one of the greatest finishers in the history of cricket.

He has won so many games for India, finishing with a maximum. Whenever India finds itself in a fix, this man walks out, cool as a cucumber, plays himself in and bang, the runs start coming.

We all know Dhoni is a right-handed batsman but ever thought of how it would seem if he were to be a lefty? This video is a compilation of a left-hand MSD smacking bowlers of various nationalities out of the park.

It is interesting to see how different his shots seem when his stand differs. It looks like he resembles Saurav Ganguly when he plays through the off-side. Helicopter shot by a lefty? Pure heaven!

Watch the video here:-



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