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VIDEO: MS Dhoni’s motivational speech to Virat and Co after bonding session


VIDEO: MS Dhoni’s motivational speech to Virat and Co. after bonding session: After Indian cricket squad had a unique team bonding session with acclaimed actor-musician Vasundhara Das”s group “Drumjam” organised by new head coach Anil Kumble, Team India”s limited-overs captain MS Dhoni gave an inspirational message to team members bound for West Indies tour.

The man of Trophies and Cups has been very much influential in grooming youngsters and teammates over the years. He addressed the West Indies-bound Indian Test team just before the long season of Tests (17 Tests) when they were together for the preparatory camp in Bengaluru. He tried to motivate everyone with a short but very powerful speech.

MS Dhoni: “Most of us started playing cricket when we were five. I think this is the period when Indian cricket will move forward. Last two years, three years, we were talking of youngsters getting into Test cricket. Now, we have a set of batsmen who are into the Test arena. We have a pool of bowlers. We are not talking about two, three or four batsmen but a lot of batsmen. And, we are talking about a lot of bowlers. And, this is the phase which is going to be very interesting”

“Stay together, all of you won”t have a very good series. Some of you will fail. But, with 17 Test matches, all of you will be successful. So, it is important to enjoy the period which is tough. But, till you stick together, till you enjoy, I don”t think there is anything that will stop you”

“Make sure that you have a lot of fun. That is something that we in Indian cricket don”t often do. Cricket is too much for us. For a lot of us, if you take cricket out of our personal lives, there aren”t many things left. So, we actually give it a lot of importance. But, it is important to have fun. And these 45 minutes that we spent here, it just suggests that we can have fun anywhere in the world. We just need the company of us”



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