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VIDEO : Rohit Sharma gives us a tour of team India”s dinner party


VIDEO : Rohit Sharma gives us a tour of team India”s dinner party:- Social media has made it possible to get a close insight into cricketers” lives. Earlier you had to be at the ground or with the team to know what”s going on inside the dressing room and those far away were hardly concerned about things like, “In which hotel is the team staying?”, “What are they having for breakfast?” etc.

As Indian team is enjoying it”s time in London, they went for their first official team dinner at Wagamama restaurant and Rohit gave a deep insight of the proceedings through a video.

“Guys I am Rohit Sharma from Team India. This is our first official team dinner and as you can see the guys are here and we are going to take you somewhere where not many people have been. So follow me,” Rohit said in the video.

“Team India is in the streets of London as you can see all the guys. We are being followed by a lot of fans. We are having a good time walking on the streets of London.”

Best him was Sir Ravindra Jadeja. Rohit pointed a finger at him and said, “A familiar face and a familiar weather report.” Rohit asked Jadeja about the weather and the streets and the left-handed player instantly replied, “Weather is very beautiful.” which led to Rohit having a hearty laugh.

Next on the list were Kedar Jadhav, Rahane, Sanjay Bangar and India”s fielding coach R Sridhar. “Kedar Jadhav is all set for a nice dinner in his leather jacket. There is Mr. Rahane with Sanjay Bangar and R Sridhar our coach ,” he said.

Once the team entered the hotel Rohit said, “Hi guys, We are here in Wagamama. One of the top Japnese restaurants in UK. I’m trying to find my stuff here because I am a hardcore vegetarian. Here I am eating some Tama Yasai. Yasai means vegetarian in Japnese. It’s a soup, rice noddles with a lot of Tofu, beans, broccoli stems, mushrooms smeared with coconut gravy and peppers. It is really tasty and this is the best I can lay my hands on in Wagamama.”

He also obliged to click a couple of selfies with fans. It was a nice team bonding evening for Team India in London, kind of calm before the storm when they will be at Edgbaston locking horns with Pakistan.

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– by Atharva Apte

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