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VIDEO: This cute video of little boy crying after Pandya”s run out is breaking the internet

India’s horrific 180 run loss against Pakistan has left a scar in the minds of the Indian fans.

In a country where cricket is religion and cricketers are demi-gods, a loss against the arch-rivals especially in the final of an ICC event is much like a deep wound that takes some time to heal.

So when India began losing wickets, the Indian fans worst fears were coming true. The Passionate Indian cricket fan refused to accept what he/she was seeing and the emotions and reactions were but obvious.

It was no different for this little Indian cricket fan as he saw the Indian batsman follow one after the other to the pavilion. This moment of grief of this innocent boy with his younger brother was captured and video graphed by his family during the high-voltage Indo-Pak clash in the final on Sunday.

The boy could not hold back his emotions has he began to cry profusely at the fall of the Indian wickets. He also vented out his frustration over Pandya’s run out while his family members could not hold back their laughter on seeing their emotional son burst into tears.

The innocence and cuteness of this video is sure to bring a rising smile on your face, the kid is heartbroken after India”s dismal performance against Pakistan and the panda run-out made him cry in frustration and sadness. He was later consoled by his sweet young brother and mother.

Watch the viral video here: