VIDEO: This is a laugh riot; Ultimate mimicry of Indian cricketers

VIDEO: This is a laugh riot; Ultimate mimicry of Indian cricketers : Mimicking has been widely popularized by various comedians. While some mimic the way the cricketers walk or speak, some even go on to portray the way they act on the field. Copying their trademark shots and motions is something very funny to fans and spectators for sure.

Nitesh, a big fan of cricket stars is adept in doing mimicries of some big names in the cricket world. He comes on the stage of Comedy Nights with Kapil on the day when Sunil Gavaskar and Virender Sehwag were invited to the popular comedy show in India.

He starts with one of the guests, Virender Sehwag whose posture while hitting a shot and also shows his reaction when he is out. Then he mimicked Sachin Tendulkar and showed the maestro’s expressions when he used to get out. The next cricketers he imitated were Sourav Ganguly, Irfan Pathan. He then went on to copy Harbhajan Singh and Muttiah Muralitharan’s bowling actions. Showed how the former gets frustrated when he is barred of wickets and termed Muralitharan’s action to be one of the most threatening. It turned out to be an absolute laugh riot and Nitesh did the best impersonation of cricketers. Even as the rest of the audience were in splits, Sehwag and Gavaskar applauded the talented artist for his super mimicry.

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