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VIDEO : This video from the IPL final has gone viral


VIDEO : This video from the IPL final has gone viral :- The predictions made by the Twitter user @TheDCricket flummoxed everyone and raised questions about the way final was played. While many people believed the match was fixed, there were some who thought it was all fluke. Whatever it was, it was one heck of a stuff.

If that was not enough to raise doubts about the integrity, there is a video trending on social media which has further raised eyebrows. The video involves Pollard having a long chat with his teammates, then going near Manoj Tiwary and bending down to tie his shoelace and whispering something.

At a very critical juncture in the final when 30 were needed off last 3 overs, Smith and Manoj Tiwary were at the crease. Pollard was seen having a long chat with his teammates. Skipper Rohit Sharma, Lasith Malinga, Parthiv Patel and Mitchell Johnson were doing all the listening.

Soon as the chat ended all of them went back to their respective fielding positions. On his way back to long on, Pollard got near Manoj Tiwary at the non-striker’s end. He bent down to pretend to tie his shoelace when it was already tied. He whispered something and went away.

In the last over of the innings when 11 were required, Tiwary hit a boundary to deep square leg bringing the equation down to 7 off 5. Then next ball he mistimed a shot and was caught at long on where Pollard was positioned. Rising Pune Supergiant lost by 1 run.

While no enquiry has been made into this matter yet, it remains a mystery what did Pollard exactly say to Tiwary and whether there is any evidence of a wrongdoing involved in this.

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– by Atharva Apte


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