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VIDEO: This Virat Kohli look alike from Pakistan is breaking the internet


Arguably Virat Kohli, the poster boy of world cricket is the most handsome cricketer in India. Virat has huge fan following among girls because of his dashing looks and among boys because of his masterclass with the bat. He started the trend of keeping beard which is followed by many now.

While there lots of people who try to look just like him, the notable ones are Ahmed Shehzad and this pizza boy from Pakistan. In the recent video which is going viral on social media, there is a pizza boy working at Dominos who is perfect lookalike of Virat if ever there was one!

Pakistani opener Ahmed Shehzad is the closest lookalike of Virat in international cricket. However looks is the only thing in which they are similar. Shehzad has not been able to come anyway near Virat’s performance in international cricket despite being immensely talented.

In fact he has not even cemented his place in Pakistan side in all formats of the game. Pakistan would hope his potential gets converted into performances as soon as possible.

This pizza boy in the video works for Dominos outlet in Pakistan. However his name and identity is not known, he is believed to come from Shaheed-e-Milat as per reports.

In the India VS New Zealand series last October in the test match at Indore, there was one man who looked another Virat’s dummy in the crowd. The man’s beard resembled Virat’s very closely and he wore sunglasses just like Virat.

That turned out to be a great test match for Virat as he scored the second double hundred of his career (211 off 366 balls) and led his team to a 321-run win as well as 3-0 whitewash over New Zealand.

While one can try his best to match Virat Kohli in terms of looks, it is very difficult to achieve his level of greatness.

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– by Atharva Apte

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