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Virat Kohli And Rohit Sharma: 5 instances when they ran each other out

In the recently concluded ODI series of Australia’s tour of India, 2017 Virat and Rohit ran each other out in the 4th ODI at Bangalore in which Australia won the match.

This became the most discussed point among cricket fans and they believed that it was the turning point of the match. Well let’s be honest, runouts are unfortunate and sometimes it is the brilliant fielding skills of the opposition team that succeeds in running out a batsman.

Fans play the blame games and this result in severe trolling of the players and fan-wars. But guess what, all this (run outs and trolls) doesn’t affect the bonding between the players which shows the true strength and spirit of cricket in the team.

Rohit Sharma is a long way short of the crease as Kane Richardson knocks off the bails ©BCCI

Whenever Kohli and Sharma, two flamboyant batsmen of the era, affect a run out it becomes a highly discussed point because this has recurred many times in the past as well. This is definitely a bit worrisome and unfortunate. Currently, the player battle for run outs between Rohit and Kohli is 4-2 respectively.

Here we look up on some of the previous matches in which Virat and Rohit ran each other out: 

– by Rishita Patnaik