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Virat Kohli deletes his welcome tweet for Kumble; What does it mean?


The bitterness between Kohli and Kumble doesn”t seem to end at the moment as Indian captain deleted the tweet which he had posted at the time Kumble had become a coach, welcoming him.

Anil Kumble was officially declared as India”s coach on 23 June 2016 and was given a contract for one year. At that time everyone including Virat Kohli was happy as there were little doubts about the credentials of the man and many believed there couldn”t have been a better person for the job.

Virat even went on to express his joy on Twitter welcoming him. The tweet dated 23 June 2016 by Virat read, “Look forward to your tenure with us. Great things in store for Indian Cricket with you,” Little did he know what was to transpire a year later.

The Kumble-Kohli rift is escalating to another level

The relations between Kohli and Kumble ruptured during the India VS Australia Test series in March 2017 when Kumble wanted Kuldeep Yadav to feature in playing XI but Virat refused. Since then there were reports of a rift between them so much that their relations have been torn beyond repair.

It was reported that relations between Kohli and Kumble turned sour because Virat had reservations with Kumble”s style of working as stated by Kumble in his tweet post his resignation from the post. Kumble being a hard task master invited displeasure among captain and few other senior players in the dressing room.

Virat Kohli deleted this welcome tweet for Anil Kumble

It was reported that Kohli had used the word “overbearing” while describing Kumble. He was more comfortable with Ravi Shastri”s style of working. Reports say Virat wants a “cheerleader coach” instead of “hard task master”.

Why would Virat Kohli delete the welcome tweet? What is he trying to say? It is now obvious that both Kumble and Virat had some serious issues and Kohli has also shown his resentment by deleting the welcome tweet.

Even though Kumble released a statement on what he felt about the entire episode, Kohli has kept quiet all through the series of events as he prepares for the ODI series in West Indies, however, this latest development has confirmed he has a big problem with Kumble and never approved coach Kumble after a point. All is not well between the two and the friction between Kumble and Kohli is quite apparent.

The rift is now out in the open and Virat Kohli too has fired a salvo at his end by deleting the tweet. All is not well and things are only going to get murkier as reports a new twist continues to emerge each day on who said what?

Kohli now wants to keep no sign of Kumble anywhere near him. He deleted the welcome message he had posted a year ago from his Twitter account. It was clearly a rift which caused fallout between the two.

– by Atharva Apte

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