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Virat Kohli”s estimated stats after ten years


Virat Kohli has turned 28. They say the best years of a batsman are between 28 to 32. If that”s the fact then we could see the best of Virat Kohli in next few years.

But honestly speaking, is there any room for him to get better than what he is today? Unlike other batsmen, it is not something like a purple patch in his career which comes and goes. It looks like something he will never get out of!!At 28 he is already legend of the game, if not then definitely a legend in the making. Just imagine what will he achieve at the end of his career if he continues with his consistency? Here we are with some of his estimated figures after 8 years in all formats of the game


The estimated number of matches that India will play in next ten years is derived from average no of tests per year since 2010 multipled by 10 which comes to 110. (11X10)

The ratio of Matches played : Matches Missed is assumed as 90:10 as it is not possible for any player to play each and every match for consecutive 10 years.

Currently he has played 48 tests, scored 3354 runs at an average of 46. In next 10 years he is estimated to play 102 more tests for India. At his current average of 46 his aggregate comes to 9384 in 204 potential innings (DNBs not considered). The average number of innings he takes to score a hundred is 6.3 so he is expected to end up with 32 more at this rate.

Estimated Test Stats after 10 years
Matches 150
Runs 12938
100s 45


India play 26 ODIS per year on average. In next 10 years India are expected to play 260 more. The ratio of Matches played : Matches Missed is assumed as 85:15 as we see possibility of Virat getting more rest in ODIs is higher as per analysis compared to Test Cricket.

He is estimated to play 221 of those. At his average of 50 he is expected to score 11050 more runs. Currently Virat has 7705 runs from 176 ODIS with 26 tons. Talking about hundreds, his innings per hundred ratio is 6.4 which means at this rate he could score 35 more ODI tons.

Estimated ODI stats after 10 years
Matches 397 (rounded off to 400)
Runs 18557
100s 61


India play 9 T20Is a year which makes 90 in next decade. Again the ratio of Matches played : Matches Missed is assumed as 85:15, which means Virat will play 77 matches. Currently Virat has played 45 T20IS scoring 1658 at average of 57. At this average (rounded off to 55; closest multiple of 5) he is expected to score 4235 more runs.

Estimated T20I stats
Matches 122
Runs 5900

– by Atharva Apte

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