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Virat Kohli’s fitness mantra to keep himself on top of the game


The men in blue skipper are well known for his obsession with fitness and spend hours at the gym to keep himself fit. He is one of the fittest men in the world and expects his fellow teammates to be on the top of their fitness level.

The Indian team is one of the busiest team in the world right now playing cricket throughout the year. Kohli who is the captain of the team in all three formats now has been playing regularly since the West Indies tour last year. He has been relentless in all the formats scoring tons of runs becoming the first batsman to score four double centuries in four consecutive series.

Shankar Basu the conditioning coach of team India in a recent chat with BCCI said, “This Indian cricket team has brought in the fifth dimension. It all started with playing the game – batting, bowling, and fielding – fitness being a part of it. Now the players have embraced fitness and lifestyle which reflects on the buffet spread here. They are extremely aware and well educated on what to have as a proper meal intake and what not to have. They are proper professionals and the fifth dimension is here to stay. That is the name of the game now. The macro and micro nutrients, the timing of the meals, supplements and what not has become the game-changer here. It”s gung-ho time here.”

Kohli is also very particular about his fitness and he hardly misses a gym session. He once told The Telegraph, “Duncan once told me cricket is the most unprofessional of professional sports. You can have the skill but do not think you need to train as much as a tennis player. But I realized if you want to stay on top playing all three formats in this day and age you need a routine.”

In a recent video posted on the official page of Indian Cricket team on Facebook Kohli was seen sweating it out at the gym. The clip was captioned by “The fitness corner with Captain Virat Kohli. What goes into the making of the Indian captain”s well-sculpted body? We get behind the scenes and find out the answers! #TeamIndia

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