Indian Legend Sunil Gavaskar feels Virat Kohli’s Test team is the best test team India ever had. The first player on earth to score 10000 runs in the test format is of this solid opinion. This statement comes in the aftermath of India’s prolific winning streak under Virat Kohli. India have never lost a single home series ever since Kohli took over from MS Dhoni.

With all basis covered Gavaskar feels that the current test team is the best ever in terms of balance, skill and temperament. He’s got the facts for making such an astonishing statement as India have been dominant against all teams in all three aspects.

Virat Kohli’s Test team is the best – Sunil Gavaskar

“I believe this team is the best ever Indian Test team in terms of balance, in terms of ability, in terms of skills, in terms of temperament. Can’t think of a better Indian Test team,” Gavaskar said.

Sunil Gavaskar is also of the opinion that Virat Kohli‘s side can beat any opposition on any given date on any surface. He compared Virat’s team to the team of the 1980s when teams were dominant in one or two aspects.

“This team has the attack to win on any surface. It doesn’t need any help in conditions…they can win on any surface. Batting-wise there were teams in 1980s that were pretty similar. But they didn’t have the bowlers that Virat has,” the former captain said.

Indian Test team led by Virat Kohli (Credit: Twitter)

We all saw during the 2018 Australian tour, how Cheteshwar Pujara single-handedly scored India’s majority runs batting for long hours, grilling the Aussie bowlers down. In the same context, Gavaskar related India’s performance in the 2018 England tour and 2017 South Africa tour.

He spoke how about bowlers were able 20 wickets but the batsmen’s inability to score runs cost us the series. Since now players have been performing in all three aspects, India can win matches in overseas conditions.

“You need to score runs also. We saw that in England in 2018 and saw that in South Africa in 2017 when we went there. We got 20 wickets every time but we didn’t score enough runs,” said Gavaskar.