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Virender Sehwag Reacts To Shakib-Al-Hasan’s Outburst On The Field

Virender Sehwag Reacts To Shakib-Al-Hasan’s Outburst On The Field
Virender Sehwag

Shakib-al-Hasan shocked the cricketing world on Friday when his reaction to an umpiring decision went viral. The Bangladesh all-rounder’s emotions erupted, not once but twice, in the Dhaka Premier League. Virender Sehwag, who is usually very active on Twitter, reacted to it with a picture.

The incident took place during a match between Mohammedan Sporting Club and Abahani Limited. Shakib went for an LBW shout but the umpire ruled the decision in the batsman’s favor. Shakib, visibly upset, kicked the stumps in front of the umpire and continued to argue with him.

As though it wasn’t already appalling, Shakib later went on to uproot the stumps and slam them in front of the umpire.

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Following the end of the match, which was won by Shakib’s team, he issued an unconditional apology but the damage was already done. Despite that, he was handed a four-match

“I apologize to the teams, management, tournament officials and organizing committee for this human error. Hopefully, I won’t be repeating this again in future. Thanks and love you all,” he said on Facebook.

Virender Sehwag reacts to the matter in his own style

Former Indian cricketer, Virender Sehwag, had a unique take on the matter. He’s well known for his humor on social media sites, and this situation was no different. Reacting to the viral video of Shakib, Sehwag tweeted an old picture of the Bangladesh Prime Minister pulling Shakib’s ears.

Plot to spoil Shakib Al Hasan’s image: Shakib’s wife

Meanwhile, Shakib Al Hasan’s wife, Ummey Al Hasan, responded to the video, backing her husband saying it’s all a plot to spoil Shakib’s image and portray him as a villain.

“I’m enjoying this incident as much as the media is, finally some news on tv! It is great to see the support of the people who can see the clear picture of today’s incident at least someone has the guts to stand against all odds. However, it is sad to see the main issue getting buried by the media highlighting only the anger that he showed,” she said.

“The main issue is the ongoing eye-catching decisions of the umpires! The headlines are really saddening. To me, it is a plot against him that has been going on for a while to portray him as the villain in all circumstances! If you are a cricket lover beware of your actions!” she concluded her statement.

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