Home Cricket News [WATCH] 82 Years Old Cricketer Stuns World With Unrelenting Skills On The Pitch

[WATCH] 82 Years Old Cricketer Stuns World With Unrelenting Skills On The Pitch

[WATCH] 82 Years Old Cricketer Stuns World With Unrelenting Skills On The Pitch

At 82 years young, this remarkable cricketer defies time as he continues to grace the cricket field with his unwavering passion and unmatched skills in wicketkeeping. With a lifetime dedicated to the sport, his presence behind the stumps is a testament to the enduring spirit of cricket.

His experience, wisdom, and dedication serve as an inspiration to players of all ages, proving that the love for the game knows no boundaries, and that age is merely a number in the world of cricket.

Know who is Alexander Steele?

Steele was born in February 1941 in Salisbury, located in Southern Rhodesia. He commenced his education at Prince Edward School in Salisbury before relocating to Scotland, where he pursued studies at the Morgan Academy in Dundee.

His academic journey led him to architecture at the Dundee College of Art, and in 1966, he gained admission to the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). Following his college tenure, Steele promptly joined the architecture firm Baxter, Clark & Paul, eventually ascending to a partnership role within the firm by 1975.

Throughout his career, Steele left an indelible mark on the Scottish architectural landscape, contributing his design expertise to numerous structures. Notably, during the 1980s, he spearheaded the hospital architecture division of the Dundee office, collaborating closely with the Department of the Environment.

His connection with RIBA extended to his role as an examiner. Regrettably, his architectural career drew to a close in the 1990s due to declining health, leading to his retirement. Steele, an active member of Forfarshire Cricket Club, marked his entrance onto the cricket scene when he represented Scotland in the realm of first-class cricket during the 1967 tour of England.

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His inaugural match occurred against Lancashire at Old Trafford. Throughout the late 1960s, he consistently featured as a key figure in the Scottish first-class cricket lineup, amassing a total of eight appearances by 1969. A hiatus of eight years ensued before his subsequent appearance in 1977, this time against Ireland.

Steele extended his participation with an additional five first-class matches, concluding in 1980. Notably taking on the role of a wicket-keeper batsman within the Scottish team, he notched a cumulative score of 621 runs across fourteen appearances, boasting an impressive average of 24.84.

His batting prowess included two half-centuries, all of which were earned against Ireland. A standout performance saw him achieve a personal best of 97 in 1968. Steele’s adeptness as a wicket-keeper manifested in his collection of 11 catches and execution of two stumpings.

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