Home Cricket News [WATCH]: A Player Remains Not Out Despite His Bat Breaking And Getting Hit Wicket

[WATCH]: A Player Remains Not Out Despite His Bat Breaking And Getting Hit Wicket

[WATCH]: A Player Remains Not Out Despite His Bat Breaking And Getting Hit Wicket

Cricket occasionally presents astonishing incidents that defy belief, and such moments often go viral. The incident we’re about to discuss falls into that category, or at least almost does. Lewis Goldsworthy is hit wicket as a part of his bat collides with the stumps.

In a video shared by County Championship, a batsman named Lewis Goldsworthy loses a chunk of his bat after facing a delivery from Jas Singh. Remarkably, the broken bat part strikes the stumps, seemingly causing a hit-wicket dismissal.

However, he remains at the crease because the delivery was ruled a no-ball due to Singh overstepping.

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Referring to cricket, the Cricket World Cup is approaching, with all eyes focused on the leadership of Rohit Sharma in the Indian cricket team. The last time India hosted the Cricket World Cup in 2011, MS Dhoni’s Indian cricket team made history with a remarkable victory. It marked India’s second ODI Cricket World Cup win, following the victory led by Kapil Dev’s team in 1983.

Indian cricket fans are hopeful that Rohit Sharma’s team can secure a third ODI Cricket World Cup Trophy. Players like Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma will be closely watched when the Cricket World Cup kicks off on October 5. Before that, the BCCI released a video featuring the Indian cricket team, which many fans believe showcases the official jersey for the Cricket World Cup.

The jersey in the video features tricoloured stripes on the shoulder, while the one worn by India during the Asia Cup had three white stripes. Renowned Indian all-rounder and World Cup-winning captain Kapil Dev recently praised the Indian team, especially fast bowler Mohammed Siraj, for his outstanding performance in helping India clinch the eighth Asia Cup title.

Following Mohammed Siraj’s impressive bowling, the opening pair of Shubman Gill and Ishan Kishan’s solid fifty-run partnership ensured India’s victory in the Asia Cup final by ten wickets.

“Do you think I need to say anything more than what people are saying. What a fantastic cricket being played. I think as a cricketer I would like to see much closer games towards the World Cup but I think as a player dismiss them for 30 runs and win. But as a spectator, I would say it would be better if the game is close,” Kapil Dev said at a media event.

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