Home Cricket News [WATCH] Chahal Mimics Messi’s Celebration After Taking His 200th IPL Wicket

[WATCH] Chahal Mimics Messi’s Celebration After Taking His 200th IPL Wicket

[WATCH] Chahal Mimics Messi’s Celebration After Taking His 200th IPL Wicket

Yuzvendra Chahal, a cricketer, achieved a remarkable milestone in the Indian Premier League (IPL) on April 22, 2024. During a match between the Rajasthan Royals and the Mumbai Indians in Jaipur, he became the first player ever to take 200 wickets in the IPL. Chahal, known as a leg-spinner, reached this milestone by dismissing Mohammad Nabi, who is affectionately called ‘The President’. To celebrate this achievement, Chahal mimicked the famous celebration of football star Lionel Messi.

Chahal’s strategy was simple yet effective. He bowled the ball towards the middle and leg stump, causing Nabi to attempt a flick to score runs. However, Nabi mistimed his shot, resulting in a mis-hit that Chahal caught easily. Following the catch, Chahal pointed towards the sky, imitating Messi’s signature celebration after scoring a goal.


At the time of this event, the Mumbai Indians were batting and had scored 86 runs for the loss of four wickets after 11.2 overs. Two batsmen, Nihal Wadhera and Tilak Varma, were on the field, with Nihal scoring 13 runs and Tilak scoring 30 runs. Chahal continued to bowl exceptionally well, with figures of 1 wicket for 11 runs conceded in 1.3 overs.

Yuzvendra Chahal becomes the 1st player in IPL to take 200 wickets

Chahal’s achievement is significant because reaching 200 wickets in the IPL is a testament to his skill and consistency as a bowler. It demonstrates his ability to outsmart batsmen and contribute to his team’s success over a long period of time. Additionally, his decision to replicate Messi’s celebration adds a touch of excitement and entertainment to the game, showcasing his personality and love for sports beyond cricket.

Overall, Chahal’s feat is a momentous occasion in the IPL’s history, and it highlights the talent and dedication of players like him who strive for excellence in their sport. As he continues to play, fans can expect more memorable performances and celebrations from this talented cricketer.

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