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WATCH: Player Behaves Shockingly After Being Given Run Out

WATCH: Player Behaves Shockingly After Being Given Run Out
After Being Given A Run Out At The Non-Striker's End, An Incensed Australian Batter Hurls His Bat, Helmet, And Gloves Into The Air

After winning the toss and choosing to bat, Matthew Bowden’s New Norfolk Cricket Club scored 263-7 at Abbotsfield Park. For the Claremont Cricket Club, Trent Graham recorded three for forty.

The contentious method of firing, more commonly known as a “Mankad” after Indian legend Vinoo Mankad proved especially divisive in this case.

The agitated Australian batsman got run out at the non-striker’s point and threw the bat, helmet, and gloves into the air shockingly!

Here is how he reacted:

Matthew Bowden won the toss and decided to bat at Abbotsfield Park, where New Norfolk Cricket Club scored 263-7. Nevertheless, the vice-captain Harry Booth’s 63 led from the front. New Norfolk was 137-5 at one stage before Jason Rigby (67 in 62 balls) and Thomas Briscoe (37 not out in 22) led a counterattack. For the Claremont Cricket Club, Trent Graham scored 3-40.

Before Rick Martin joined Jarrod Kaye, Claremont was 83-6 thanks to early wickets from Briscoe (3-43) and Jeremy Nichols (4-32). The pair raised the total to 131 in the innings’ 29th over.

Martin is left-handed, so right-arm bowler Booth came to bowl around the wicket to him. Booth holds the ball in his bowling stance with both hands before releasing it with his right hand.

The wicket was to his left, so this time he broke into his delivery stride before taking the ball in his left hand and removing the bails. After some debate, the umpires declared Kaye (43 in 55 balls) run out.

Uncertain of whether he was upset with Booth, himself, or the umpire, Kaye stormed out of the room in a huff. The gloves went on last, just before he reached the boundary line, after the helmet, bat, and bat. His Claremont teammates had by that time joined him in voicing their displeasure.

The incident drew a range of reactions. It is frequently the case with dismissal methods.

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