Home Videos [Watch]- Thieves Gatecrash With Stolen Car In A Cricket Ground In Adelaide  

[Watch]- Thieves Gatecrash With Stolen Car In A Cricket Ground In Adelaide  

[Watch]- Thieves Gatecrash With Stolen Car In A Cricket Ground In Adelaide   
Thief gatecrashes stadium with a stolen car

Australia is a country where Cricket can be seen played in streets, parks just like India. Australia has a rich history and great legacy in cricket. A strange incident was recently seen in Adelaide which has caught the attention of so many cricket fans.

Two people were fleeing after stealing a car and during this they entered a ground in Adelaide where a cricket match was going on. When this accident happened, the police reached there and came to know that it was a vehicle which was stolen on the previous day.

Watch the video here:

Kuldeep Dhungana who was an eye witness of this incident said: “The car was coming straight to us but luckily the driver changed the direction. It could have easily been a lot worse because the speed that car was going was really huge, even a small collision could be life-threatening”

According to the police, the car was stolen at 3.20 pm and both the thieves took the car with them. When the owner of the car argued with them, a thief scared him by showing a knife. When the complaint reached the police, they chased the thieves. In order to escape from the Police, the thief took the vehicle into the ground.

‘Thankfully no one was injured’ : Adelaide Police

After this gatecrashing, thieves drove the car rashly at high speed. However they couldn’t escape from the Police and their vehicle stopped at Park Terrace in Bowden. Front portion of the car was completely damaged.

Police caught both the thieves and dealt with them severely. Police registered charges against them for ” illegal use of a motor vehicle and carrying offensive weapons”. SA Police also said that “thankfully” no one was injured.

Written by Harsh Gupta

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