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What is Bump Ball in Cricket

What is Bump Ball in Cricket

Know What is Bump Ball in Cricket?

Bump Ball in Cricket is a ball that bounces off immediately after being hit by the bat and goes off the air. It is used in the context of possible catches where it is doubtful as the ball has been hit onto the ground given not out or in the air given out. In these situations, the ball hits the ground very fast so it will appear to the audience that the batter has hit the ball straight to the fielder without touching the floor.

It is very tough for the crowd or people watching to witness that the batter has hit the ball directly to a fielder or bounced first. The celebration of the fielder goes down when the signal is given not out or they realize that it is out or not out.

The commentators see as the ball has the hit bat directly or bounced first, the umpires go to the soft signal in international cricket, or the third umpire based on the evidence gives it out or not out.

Bump ball usually happens on the pace bowlers especially guiding towards slips, third man, or wicketkeeper. It takes place when the pacer delivers the yorker.

Know all about Bump Catch in Cricket

Bump Catch is used to describe the process of batters hitting the ball quickly into the ground and popping it toward the fielder. The audience gets confused if the wicketkeeper has caught it or if the ball went down short of the fielder or wicketkeeper.

A bump catch happens when a fielder dives for a catch and the ball bounces in front of the hands. In such situations, it looks like the ball is hitting the ground and being caught at the same time so it is very hard for the fielder or wicketkeeper to see if the catch has been clearly taken.

These types of catches happen regularly in shorter formats including ODI and T20I. When the catch is taken, the fielder or wicketkeeper will let know the umpires whether he has taken a grab. The umpire will review the decision of the third umpire to check if the catch is caught or not.

The on-field umpires give the soft signal and depending upon the videos, the decision of the third umpire will depend on conclusive evidence. If there is doubt about the decision, the third umpire will stick to the on-field decisions.

Bump Ball in the olden days would be made on the umpire’s instinct and also after taking the leg umpire. There are occasions when batters walked in case, they did not think it is a bump ball.

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