Home Cricket News “Who Has 7 Hours If 3 Hours Are Enough?” – Ajay Jadeja On ODI Cricket’s Relevance

“Who Has 7 Hours If 3 Hours Are Enough?” – Ajay Jadeja On ODI Cricket’s Relevance

“Who Has 7 Hours If 3 Hours Are Enough?” – Ajay Jadeja On ODI Cricket’s Relevance
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The relevance of ODI cricket has become a subject of intense debate over the past few days. Many Former cricketers have suggested that the format needs to be revamped in order to make it more relevant and interesting. Former India cricketer Ajay Jadeja has also shared his thoughts on the debate about the future of the 50-over format.

Recently, England all-rounder Ben Stokes retired from ODI cricket at the age of 31, opting to concentrate on Test and T20I formats. He cited that he needs to manage his workload as well with so much cricketing happening. His decision has raised a lot of concerns over the relevance of ODI cricket. Earlier, former cricketers Ravi Shastri and Shahid Afridi suggested that the format should be reduced to forty overs.

Speaking to Fan Code during the second ODI between India and West Indies, Ajay Jadeja expressed that earlier there used to be fewer Tests compared to ODIs. He also explained the impact of media rights on the popularity of a format. Ajay Jadeja said,

“When ODI cricket first came on the scene, fewer Test matches were played since it was again more profitable for the players, broadcasters, and association. The involvement of broadcasters is essential. You will see that whichever receives more media attention becomes more well-known.”

The rights of T20s have grown, with ODI being played less frequently: Ajay Jadeja

Former India cricketer Ajay Jadeja further elaborated that the focus has shifted to the T20 format from the ODIs. He expressed that despite the evolution of limited-overs cricket, Test cricket has still managed to be relevant in today’s times. Jadeja also questioned why would someone spend seven hours, when the result can be achieved in three.

“At one point, ODI was expensive. Then T20 arrived. Now that their rights have grown, ODIs are being played less frequently. But tests will always be there. In actuality, India is currently participating in more Test matches than it did 20–30 years ago. But ODI…7 ghante kiske paas he agar saare teen ghante me kaam chalta he,” said Ajay Jadeja.

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