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Why Cricket Is The Best Sport To Follow?

Why Cricket Is The Best Sport To Follow?
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Whether you’re interested in the IPL or you prefer to tune-in to the big international encounters, cricket is the best sport around. While other sports also have their merits, the game with a ball and a bat is a favourite for many people around the world.

In India, in particular, the sport is almost treated like a religion. In the same way fans of the Premier League follow their teams passionately all around the UK, cricket supporters are fully engaged in the teams they adore and the players they love to support. It’s a game for everyone that is enjoyed by people everywhere, with passionate cricket fans popping up on a regular basis. For them, and many others, cricket is the best there is. Here’s why below.

The fans

First and foremost, without the fans, cricket wouldn’t be the sport it is today. Not only do they generate atmosphere and chant for the full day, but fans contribute to the sport in a number of other ways. Debates are regularly being conducted online, they showcase their loyalty by snapping up merchandise and wearing it with pride, they back their favourite teams and players when it comes to sports betting, they soak up cricket-related content on a daily basis through platforms like Twitter and YouTube, and they’re always there backing their beloved sides no matter the result. Make no mistake about it, cricket fans help make the sport what it is. The fact that an estimated 2.5 billion people follow cricket around the world highlights its obvious appeal.

It’s for everyone

In terms of playing the game, cricket is for everyone. Another key reason why so many diehard fans are attached to it, the game doesn’t discriminate against ages, shapes, or sizes and is capable of entertaining a wide variety of audiences. Senior members of society can enjoy both watching and playing the game, while younger players are aspiring to replicate the success of their heroes while playing with friends. Likewise, given the focus on both batting and bowling, there is generally an area of the game that people can focus on. For some, being a formidable bowler is the aim, while other people want to record humongous scores with the bat.

A game with good sportsmanship

While the aforementioned appeal of Premier League football is understandable, the nature of the game irks many cricket fans. With fans singing derogatory chants and players feigning injury on a regular basis, the beautiful game is occasionally extremely ugly. Cricket, on the other hand, champions sportsmanship and is a game played in a good spirit. Of course, some games can spill over and a number of unsavoury moments can occur, but on the whole, sportsmanship is an integral part of cricket. Cricket players are known to band together and not turn against a coach like in the dressing rooms of the big clubs in England’s top flight in football, while the treatment of the opposing team is done respectfully in what is a game with good sportsmanship.

A tough sport to master

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Another key reason why people regard cricket as the best sport around is simply due to the skill required to excel at it. The pressure of being the opening batsman is unrivalled, while both the bowlers and batsmen have to put up with a lot given the various factors that can influence a result, be it the weather conditions, the pitch, or even the crowd. Cricket is a game that takes years to master and features some of the most professional athletes in sport. Given the undoubted talent people need to shine, it’s therefore a fantastic game to endorse. Fans are regularly in awe at the skills being exhibited in major competitions like the IPL, with new and exciting players emerging on a regular basis.

A sport with rich history

Yet another notable reason why people have fallen in love with the sport of cricket is due the game’s intriguing history. Since the first Test match that was played between England and Australia in 1877, the game has gone to win over millions of people in a number of foreign territories around the world. Throw in the game’s amazing historical venues that play host to some truly epic encounters and cricket’s historical package is another reason why so many people have a strong passion for it. Put simply, cricket’s history is a fundamental part of the sport.

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