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Why Is Nutrition Important For Cricket?


Why Is Nutrition Important For Cricket? :- Cricket is a long game with various requirements: explosive power, speed, strength and recovery speed. All of these factors are heavily influenced by what you eat.

Food is fuel and if you fuel your body right it will keep you at the optimum level for playing cricket.

Food Gives Us Energy

Everything we do from fast bowling to sleeping requires us to expend energy. We get this energy though our diet.

The requirement varies depending on how much you play, how old you are, what sex you are, your body size/build and what other activities you do. But without a sufficient store of the right energy we cannot perform at our best and our game suffers.

Its no secret that eating too much means we put on weight. This is because our body stores energy that it cannot use as fat.

Cricketers have no need to be as slim as distance runners but we do need to make sure we do not put on too much fat. Fat is dead weight and will reduce our speed, endurance without increasing our power behind the ball.

So food is a balance – making sure we eat enough to supply our bodies without piling on the pound.

Food helps us feel better

Beyond the basic, and slightly cold, needs of the body is the importance of food in our daily lives.

Many players trust in certain foods to improve their performance when there is no strict benefit. What’s important here is the boost people get from eating, rather than the energy.

Also, eating together with friends and team mates is a great way to be sociable. Often this is at the expense of the right energy foods, but its better to have a balanced life with the  a strict diet.

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