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Why You Need To Quit White Refined Sugar Now!

Consuming Refined White Sugar can cause weight, increase the risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes and also certain cancers.

It’s also negatively associated with fatty liver, skin aging, acne, dental health etc, just to name a few! In a recent study, it was also found out that an excess of sugar blocks your immune system from functioning properly and diminishes the ability of white blood cells to fight bacteria.

So what are the substitutes?

I suggest the following more natural substitutes:

1. Black jaggery/ Kala Gur

2. Stevia

3. Date Syrup

However, my favourite is using Kala Gur as a sweetener in my tea/coffee/desserts etc.

How can you use it and easily access it?

I recommend making a syrup of black gur and water and storing it in an airtight container in the fridge.


Recipe- boil water, add kala gud in it and bring to a boil again. Add in a lemon and let all impurities rise to the surface. Now strain this mixture and store it in any airtight container for future use.

So now overtime you crave sugar, reach out for the sources that are more naturally occurring than processed varieties!