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World T20: Diligent Afghanistan deservingly make it to the Super-10 stage

World T20: Diligent Afghanistan deservingly make it to the Super-10 stage: Afghanistan got the membership for ICC in 2001. Since then, they have had a long ride and have come a long way. Most new teams find themselves sliding down the coaster for a longer time. But this side is still climbing up, yet to meet it’s zenith. 5 years ago, they suddenly made news in the international media. Ever since, they haven ‘t looked back. They hardly had any sort of commercial or finance to come up in the political way. They once didn’t even a have a proper ground to practice. But as the legend’s saying goes, “ Hard work, will only make you better”.

Then, they became a prominent cricket member of the Asian Cricket community. Their strive gained them numerous supporters not only from their country but from all over the planet. Their fame in Asia turned into the fame in the world when they won the World Cup qualifiers 2014 to make it to the 2015 World Cup in Australia. They won against older teams like Scotland in the tournament and even ensured a tough fight to all the top nations.

To add to the respect they gained, none of their players got involved in corrupt practices like betting and fixing. Though their payment was mere, they played for the country, passionately and determined. They started defeating test playing nations like Zimbabwe in the next few years too. They won all three games in the qualifier stage of the T20 WC 2016 to get them to the group stage. If they can make the most of their chance and carry their luck and hard work further, who knows what is in store for them?

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