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You will be surprised to know the cost of MS Dhoni”s drinking water


Vintage Dhoni has arrived here in the Indian Premier League as he is smashing all the bowlers to the nook and corner of the grounds irrespective of the experience of the opposition.

Meanwhile, an interesting activity took place in the match against Mumbai Indians. Chennai lost their only second game against the Mumbai Indians last week. Though Chennai gave a tough fight, Rohit”s finishing skills had an upper hand over them.

Dhoni has been successful in leading his side with six wins and comfortably placing them at the top of the table. Though his back has been troubling him for the past few weeks, he is training really hard to be cent percent fit. Sportsmen are usually very particular when it comes to their diet and daily intake. You can’t blame them for being picky.


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In the strategic timeout, Dhoni was seen having “Bailey” water which is just 20 rupees. This reveals his simplicity in the selection of things too. He even prefers to have the simplest thing to get him going on the field. This really is a fascinating fact as several players spend tons of money in just choosing the water with appropriate nutrients.

A few months back, it was found that Indian icon Virat Kohli used to have imported water bottles from French by the brand “Evian” which costs 600/- per litre.

Chennai will be playing their next match against Kolkata Knight Riders at the Eden Gardens on 3rd May.

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