Over the years we’ve seen streakers invade cricket matches almost everywhere in the world. These apparent streakers run around naked to disturb matches midway as we always see.

The running around of streakers is considered some sort of prank by them or some kind of dare. On numerous occasions, we’ve seen the cricket game hit by numerous streakers.

Let’s look at the top 10 occasions when streakers invaded the cricket ground:

2015 World Cup – England vs Scotland, (Christchurch, New Zealand

If you thought if a premium tournament like a world cup would be streaker free then your wrong. As the match between England and Scotland was interrupted as a streaker ran past the ground. The security officials chased him down after the marathon by the unknown streaker.

The World Cup didn’t see any speaker later on as the ground security was tightened after this incident. Later we saw how Australia went on to beat New Zealand in the final of the World Cup.

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