5 Bowlers With Most Number Of Dot Balls in IPL

Bowlers with the greatest number of dot balls in IPL.

T20 cricket is quite a platform for the batters while the bowlers got hit from both ends. The limited number of overs makes it difficult for the bowlers to adjust. Indian Premier League (IPL), the extravagant franchise-based T20 league has been another stage for the batters to showcase their flamboyant skills since its inception.

However, as the famous saying goes – ‘batsman wins you matches and bowlers win you tournaments,’ we have witnessed some of the bowlers consistently performing to the highest level. There some exceptional bowlers have bowled a series of dot balls since the inception of the tournament back in 2008. Their prolific bowling checked the run flow and also helped their teams to win.

In this piece, we will speak about five bowlers who have bowled the most number of dot balls in the IPL:

5. Piyush Chawla (Mumbai Indians)

excited world best captain Dhoni Piyush Chawla
Piyush Chawla

The veteran off-spinner from Uttar Pradesh – Piyush Chawla is one of the resilient bowlers, who would toss up the very next ball after getting smashed in the previous delivery. Chawla has never stepped back from his drawn intent. The 32-year-old has trapped batters with his boastful flight and turners and is among the most successful spinners in the tournament.

Formerly a Kolkata Knight Riders (2014-2019) player, then became a part of Chennai Super Kings in 2020 and now playing for Mumbai Indians in 2021, Chawla has delivered 1146 dot balls in 164 IPL games taking 156 wickets.

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