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5 Indians Who Went On To Become Overseas Head Coach

5 Indians Who Went On To Become Overseas Head Coach
Sandeep Patil

It’s a fact that team India has one of the best cricketing talents in the world of cricket. Throughout the years India has generated quality players in huge quantities. The main reason behind the generation of soo many good talents is the domestic structure built by BCCI. However foreign cricket teams haven’t got the supply of many Indian coaches, despite the large pool of coaches available in India.

Most of the time the local coaches tries to remain in India and become the head coach in domestic cricket. However, there have been few cases when an Indian coach shifted abroad to explore more opportunities. Also with the emergence of associate nations, the demand for Indian coaches has increased.

Let’s have a look at 5 Indians Who Went On To Become Overseas Head Coach

#5. Robin Singh

Robin Singh is a former Indian cricketer who has bagged a lot of cricketing experiences under his name. Singh has represented India in over 100 International games including 136 ODIs and a single Test match.

He started his coaching career while becoming the coach of the Indian Under 19 team. Also, he has coached some big names like Gautam Gambhir and Robin Uthappa who went on to represent India in international cricket. Notably, Robin has even been the coach in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Meanwhile, Robin has been the coach of Hong Kong and USA cricket. Also, Robin Singh was appointed Director of UAE cricket in 2020.

#4. Lalchand Rajput

The former Indian cricketer Lalchand Rajput was once considered one of the best openers in India. However, he was unable to replicate his domestic cricket performance in International cricket. Lalchand was only able to represent India in 6 International games including 4 ODIs and 2 Tests.

Lalchand Rajput had a very successful career as a coach in overseas nations. So far he has coached Afghanistan and Zimbabwe. Notably, he replaced Inzamam ul Haq to become coach of Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Lalchand Rajput also has coaching experience in the Indian Premier League (IPL). As he was appointed coach of Mumbai Indians in IPL 2008.

#3. Sandeep Patil

Sandeep Patil is a former cricketer who played for India during the 1980s and 90s. He got a healthy amount of international experience under his belt. Sandeep represented India in 29 Test matches and 45 ODI games. Also, he scored over 1000 runs for Indians in both Tests and ODIs.

Patil has also been the coach of the India team for some time. Meanwhile, he overtook the coach position in Kenya and led them towards the semifinal round in the World Cup 2003. Notably, this is still one of the biggest achievements team Kenya holds in the world of cricket.

#2. Sameer Dighe

Sameer Dighe played 83 first class to get a spot in the Indian national cricket team. He played 23 ODIs for India and scored 256 runs at an average of 23.27. Meanwhile, he also had the opportunity to play 6 Test games where he averaged just 15.66.

Meanwhile, he was appointed as Head Coach of Hong Kong during the 2007 ICC World Cricket League Division Three tournament. Notably, he replaced Robin Singh as Head Coach during that time. Other than this he was appointed as fielding coach of Mumbai Indians during IPL 2008.

#1. Hanumant Singh

Hanumant Singh is a former Indian cricketer who represented India in 14 Test games. In those games he scored 686 runs at an average of 31.18. Also during that time, he became 5th Indian cricketer to score a century on Test Debut.

At one point in his career, Hanumant Singh was manager of the Indian cricket team and Rajasthan team. He became head coach of Kenya in early 1990. He coached Kenya in the 1990 ICC Trophy. Also, he was coach of Kenya in the 1996 World Cup where they pulled an upset by defeating the West Indies.

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