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5 Times MS Dhoni Went Against The Decision Of Umpires

5 Times MS Dhoni Went Against The Decision Of Umpires
MS Dhoni. Photo Credit: (IPL)

Throughout his illustrious career, MS Dhoni has been an equivalent for calmness. Majority of times we have seen him perpetually seen him in control of his emotions even on the biggest of stages. Dhoni’s greatest asset has always been to stay extremely cool and calm during pressure situation during a match. This has worked for Dhoni in his legendary career whether it be in international cricket or IPL.

However, in recent times we have seen an aggressive side of Dhoni which was very rare a few years ago. Especially when he is not content with an umpiring decision he now becomes extremely expressive on the field. Well, even MS Dhoni is allowed to lose his cool sometimes as after all he is also a human being.

In this feature, we look ahead at the top 5 most rare incidents when MS Dhoni has questioned the decision of the umpires on the field. Now, these incidents have made for a compelling view as they show how bad Dhoni still wants to be on the winning side.

5 Times MS Dhoni Went Against The Decision Of Umpires

5. CSK vs RR (IPL 2020)

(Credits: Twitter)

This season is all about IPL 2020 in which we have witnessed cricket of the highest order. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been an ideal season for Chennai Super Kings as they struggled in the competition so far.

When CSK was facing Rajasthan Royals at Sharjah, Dhoni took a catch of Tom Curran which was signalled out on the field. However, when Curran was seen baffled with the decision umpire Shamsuddin had a polite enquiry with the short leg umpire.

The two after discussion went to the third umpire to check the catch which Dhoni claimed behind the stumps. Seeing this Dhoni was in the ears of the umpire in a flash and was probably asking the reason why they went upstairs with Royals having no reviews left.

The replays indicated that there was daylight between the bat and ball. On top of that, the catch Dhoni took also clearly bounced and touched the grass before settling into Dhoni’s glove. In the end, the right decision was made and the decision of out had to be overturned by Shamsuddin.

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